Lymphoedema research funding for paddling research.

Research into paddling and lymphoedema.

Dr. Helen Crank of Sheffield Hallam University has been successfully in obtaining substantial funding from NLTPCT 2008 Research Bursaries. This great news secures the ongoing research program being carried out by Dr Crank and members of Paddlers for Life.

The research,which is now in it’s second phase, involves the preparation and implementation of a training program for survivors, together with weekly paddling in the charities. boats, followed by comprehensive monitoring of members of the study group.

The aim is to determine the effect of exercise, and Dragon Boating on Breast Cancer Survivors, in particular in relation to lymphoedema.

Dr Helen Crank Senior Research Fellow visited North Lancashire NHS Primary Care Trust on Thursday 21st August 2008 to receive the research bursary from the research and development unit.

The following commendation was made during the presentation –

“The North Lancashire Teaching Primary Care Trust and Development Bursary Panel were highly favourable of this proposal, considering it a highly interesting and innovative piece of research that has the potential to improve health outcomes in the community.”

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